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Download 6.0.3

  1. Download Xcode and LibMuse

    If you have never developed for iOS before, sign up for a developer account with Apple and download and install Xcode (make sure to include the Developer Tools) from the App Store.

    Download and install LibMuse for iOS.

  2. Import the example project

    Open Xcode. Go to File -> Open.

    Browse to libmuse_x.y.z/ios/examples/MuseStatsIos where libmuse_x.y.z corresponds to the LibMuse version, e.g. libmuse_6.0.0 for LibMuse version 6.0.0.

    Click on MuseStatsIos.xcodeproj.

  3. Set up the signing profile (iOS 10+ only)

    Running an application on an iOS 10 device requires that the application be signed by a development team.

    Click on “MuseStatsIos” in the project view and then click the “General” tab.

    Under “Signing”, select your team from the “Team” combo box.

  4. Pair Muse with your iOS device

    Look at the power button on the right earpiece of your headband. If there is a power symbol on the button, simply turn the headband on. If the power button is blank, follow the instructions below:

    Navigate to Settings -> Bluetooth.

    Put Muse into Pairing Mode by hold the button down for five seconds until all five LEDs begin flashing on and off together. Release the button.

    After a few seconds Muse will appear as an available device. Tap on its device name to pair.

    When pairing is complete, Muse will move to your Paired Devices list. The LEDs will continue to flash on and off together.

  5. Run the project

    Everything should be ready to go! Plug in an iOS device and click Product->Run.

    If it builds successfully the app will show up on your device. Press Scan and then select your headband in the list.



What’s next?

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Project Setup
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