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MuseLab is a visualization and recording tool for Muse and other types of data. It receives data over OSC from MuseIO (it does not connect to Muse itself, you must run both MuseLab and MuseIO).

Getting Started

Have a look at the guide for MuseIO and Muse Lab. It covers everything you need to know to plot and record Muse data.

Video tutorials
These videos use Muse Direct instead of MuseIO but the process is similar.
    Receiving an OSC stream
    Visualizing Muse Data

Configuration Files

MuseLab can save and load configuration files that keep track of a specific setup. So for instance, if you wanted to open MuseLab to display data like the example on the right, you could set it up once, save a configuration file like this, and then each subsequent time just load the configuration file. It’s a real time saver!